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formtec MS office program registered labels

MS Office Program registered & Jam free Labels you can print!


Formtec uses environmentally friendly materials to meet our utmost obligations to our next generation


Our jam free labels will give our customers 100% satisfaction. MS office™ program registered product


Please send us your enquiry to We normally get back to you within 12 hours.


Our very first priority is to supply you with the best quality office products including address labels, shipping labels, clear labels, colour labels, waterproof labels and so much more! We also value our environment for our next generation.



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  • New products are added. - (28/09/2010)
    We are happy to announce that there will be another 22 new products added to our extensive range of products. They are available for from our online shopping website.
  • Another successful upgrade of our software. - (20/05/2009)
    We have upgraded our state of the arts label design & print software "Formtec Design Pro 7". New software has powerful database management tools and cliparts. Download version of "Formtec DesignPro 7" does not include cliparts. You can download the software from following link. Formtec Design Pro 7
  • Formtec Design PRO 6 is recommended for ¡®New Soft - (18/12/2007)
    Formtec Design PRO 6, latest and newest software of Formtec Korea Ltd. is recommended for ‘New Software Award’ by The Electronic Times. Every Formtec products - Photo Stickers, Character Labels, Postcards, Business Cards, and Labels can be designed within one software, Formtec Design PRO 6. Moreover, ‘Data Wizard’ and ‘Design Wizard’ functions are designed to help users to use Formtec products easier and faster. In addition, ‘Word Art’, ‘Image Edit’, ‘Powerful Text Edit’ functions are able to communicate with other leading design software. Thanks for your continuous interest and support.
  • We launched international website. - (18/12/2007)
    Formtec Korea Ltd., - the best and the largest label manufacturer in Korea and has grown up with customers during last 8 years - newly opened it’s international website, Formtec will expand its business to rest of the world and meet our customers worldwide with best products and the distingtive service. Through this international web site, Formtec will supply customers with latest useful products’ news and listen attentively to customers’ valuable recommendations and advice. We look forward to receive your continuous interest and support. Thank you.
  • Storage
    Please keep all unused label sheets in original packaging.
  • Handling label sheets
    Please make sure you don't touch printing side of transparent & semi-transparent label sheets with bare hands. This will leave fingerprints on the sheet which will show up once you print them.
  • Toxin free adhesive
    The adhesive we use for our products is tested and approved by BgVV(German federal institute for consumer health protection and veterinary medicine) as Toxin free.
  • Can I use other software to print Formtec labels?
    Our products are registered with Microsoft Office like Word, Publisher, Access. Mac based programs also have our product codes. Please find following step by step procedure to print our products with the programs. 1. Click "Tool(T)" button in the menu bar. 2. Go to "Letter and Mails(E)" in the sub menu. 3. Click to Envelope and Label 4. Click "Label(L)" in Envelope and Label(L) window 5. Click "Option(O)" 6. Look for "Formtec" in the Label Manufacturer 7. Lists of Formtec Labels registered with your version of Microsoft Office program will show up. 8. Click on the code you required or click "New Label(N)" if you cannot find the appropriate code. 9. Type in the label code in the Label Name 10.Type in appropriate value in the margin areas 11.Click OK 12.New code is created in the lists of different size of labels Email us for appropriate margin value.
  • What is Jam Free label sheet?
    "Jam free" design is a cutting edge technology of label sheets. This design eliminates possible cause of jamming in the printers resulted from the heat produced in the process of printing. Formtec implemented this cutting edge technology in the manufacturing line to provide perfect solution for jam free printing environment for our customers.
  • What is refund policy at Formtec?
    - Once your order is processed You can withdraw your order by phoning us on +64 3 351 1613(customer service number). - Once your order is processed and dispatched You can return your order if items you received are found to be faulty or incorrect items by our mistakes. Please send us an email or phoning us on our customer service number.
  • What is your delivery time?
    We aim to delivery any order we receive within 2 days. As long as we receive your order by 12PM, we process your order and dispach it same day. Rural delivery might take extra 1-2 more day. If you wish to return any of faulty goods that you received, firstly inform us on +64 3 351 1613(customer service number) or by email with your order number. We will organize the quickest remedy for you.
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